BETT 2014: Closing the Digital Divide with Joskos Solutions

imageJoskos Solutions is a single provider of ICT solutions and services within the education sector. Since 1999, our experience in education has allowed us to incorporate the latest technologies into our solutions, and continues to enable us to provide high quality strategic support and guidance to schools.

With the huge changes that are currently sweeping the technological landscape, it’s more important than ever for schools to be well-informed when deciding on how to improve teaching and learning through their ICT infrastructure - while staying within their increasingly squeezed budgets. And with the ever expanding tablet market set to grow even further within schools, we are keen to ensure that schools make the right investments today that will give them confidence that they are supporting learning in the future.

Over the past year we have seen how Windows 8 from Microsoft has begun to revolutionise the use of ICT, both within the classroom and beyond. Windows 8 helps to release the power of handheld technologies, putting resources at the fingertips of teachers and learners and helping them to interact with technology in a seamless and intuitive way. Most learners and teachers are already familiar with many Microsoft products, and now that Windows 8 can be found on desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones, this is now provides a truly seamless interface when moving between devices.

MSA13_DigMmt47Increasingly schools are exploring the power of the cloud, enabling them to extend learning opportunities outside the confines of their physical school buildings and to bridge the digital divide. For example, Office 365 for education enables learners and teachers to access familiar office applications via the web, regardless of the age or specifications of their own PC. This ensures that no learner is disadvantaged by equipment available to them outside school. Web-based tools such as One Note and Lync not only ensure that communication and collaboration are seamless, but also ensure that work can be accessed anywhere, anytime and by anyone authorised to do so. 

At BETT 2014, Joskos’ technical and educational experts will be on stand B388, and will be talking to visitors about these exciting tools can have a huge impact on teaching and learning within schools. With school budgets increasingly being squeezed, we will show how innovations like Windows 8 and Office 365 for Education can be used to not only bridge the digital divide, but can also enable and support a manageable and secure Bring Your Own Device strategy within schools.

We believe that young people should be able to use the best and most appropriate technologies wherever possible. By doing so they will be better prepared for an increasingly competitive and global workforce. Microsoft’s best of breed software ensures that this is possible and we are proud to be working in partnership at BETT 2014.

Call 020 7424 6960 or visit to book a meeting with us at Bett and showing you how we can partner with you to help build the future of Education.

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