BETT 2014: Microsoft at BETT

BETT season is definitely one of the highlights of our year within the education team and we are once again looking forward to having an opportunity to meet and engage with a wide selection of our community. So after a great BETT 2013, what is on the cards for the show this year?

BETT 2014: Microsoft in Education. We are partners in learning

Building on the success of last year's show and with our continued emphasis on how technology can help create more engaging and emotional connections with learning, our theme for BETT 2014 is 'Microsoft in Education. We are partners in learning'.

Not wanting to confuse things with our PiL programme of a similar name, for the show this year we are focused on building our story around how Microsoft works holistically with the education community as a whole to support educators, inspire students and empower academic institutions to help transform education.

Alongside our partners, we are delivering services, devices and experiences, such as Windows 8, Surface and Office 365 Education, to students and educators that help bring learning to life and allow education leaders to reimagine how technology can modernise learning and improve learning outcomes.

Furthermore, with programs such as Partners in Learning and Skype in the Classroom, we are empowering educators with the communities, training, technology and experiences they need to succeed and help students gain their full potential.

Through working with our partners and the broader education community, we can collectively help raise attainment and create innovative experiences for students and educators alike.

BETT 2014: It's all in the detail…

So with the theme of 'Microsoft in Education. We are partners in learning' and a number of sub themes that align to this such as Windows 8, Surface, OEM devices, Office 365 Education, ITA and Windows Phone, what are we going to be specifically showing at BETT 2014?

BETT 2014 promises to be an exciting year, and with the pace of innovation in terms of how technology is being used within the classroom, particularly around tablet devices, we will be placing a huge emphasis on continuing to support teachers in the resulting shifts in pedagogy, practice and management being realised as a result of these changes.

A key part of this will be the Microsoft at BETT theatre and, new for BETT 2014, our Interactive Classroom.

Our theatre will offer visitors the opportunity to learn and be inspired by educators such as Claire Lotriet, Matthew Pitts, Kevin Sait, Jon Tait and Ray Chambers who our using technology to transform teaching and learning within their institutions. We will be sharing the full agenda within a future blog post, but topics within the theatre include the following:

  • Computer Science in the Curriculum
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Inspiring young developers
  • The future of collaboration
  • The IT Manager of the Future

As mentioned previously, new for BETT 2014 is our Interactive Classroom. Again, we will be sharing a full schedule as part of a future blog post, but the interactive classroom will offer visitors to our stand the ability to get access to a Surface device and participate in an interactive 15 minutes session around topics such as the following:

  • Introductions to Windows 8
  • Using video to flip the classroom
  • Teaching the Computing Curriculum
  • The Power of eBooks

The interactive classroom sessions are being run by our friends at the Tablet Academy and are based on their popular series of tablet focused training sessions being delivered across the UK. If you are looking for hints and tips about how to transform your teaching and learning with tablet devices, these are the sessions for you.

Devices, Devices, Devices

On the subject of devices, in addition to the theatre and interactive classroom, we are also featuring a wide range of exciting devices across the stand, both from our OEM friends and Surface. These spaces will complement the more content orientated areas of the stand by giving a more direct focus on Windows 8, Office 365 Education, Modern apps and a variety of devices types from tablets to All-in-One's and how these can collectively help enhance methods of learning and create new and engaging teaching scenarios such as flipped learning.

Devices that will be showcased include Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Toshiba Encore and the Dell Venue Pro 8.

We also have a dedicated Windows Phone bar, App Wall that lets you explore new apps based on relevant education categories and a 'Buy Now' reception where you can have direct conversations with colleagues at Misco about how they can assist you with any of your more immediate needs. This is a first for us on the Microsoft stand at BETT and we are looking forward to welcoming Misco into the team for the show.


Much like previous years, we will be signposting to our partner community who are exhibiting at the show to help demonstrate how our technologies, in conjunction with the experience and expertise of our partners, can help make a difference within your institution.

We will once again be making a handy flyer available on our stands that list all of our partners, combined with their area of expertise and stand number, so you can easily find someone to answer your questions or offer a demo. Additionally, we will be signposting to relevant partners at the end of each presentation within our theatre. A blog post will also be shared soon that lists all of our partners and where you will be able to connect with them at the show.

Microsoft staff will be available on the stand if you have a question or need guidance on which partner to speak with. Just shout and we will be happy to help!

Treasure Trail

Finally, after the success of last year, we are going to be running our Treasure Trail again for BETT 2014. The Treasure Trail will be run in conjunction with participating partners and will offer visitors to the show the ability to win some amazing prizes that range from a Windows Phone, Xbox One and a PC.

Entry cards can the collected from the Microsoft Stand. Visit each participating partner stand, answer the question, and you will receive a stamp. When completed, the card should then be dropped off at the Microsoft Stand. We will be carrying out 3 draws per day at 4pm on the Microsoft Learn Live Theatre (Wednesday – Friday).

Pop by the Microsoft stand for the entry card or if you have any questions about the competition.

Stand Number

One last thing before I wrap up this intro post to BETT 2014 is to share our stand number - D270.

More news to follow and if you have any immediate questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via Twitter - @microsofteduk

Look forward to seeing you at BETT 2014. Not long now!


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