How to get your free tools!

One for the Students – Originally posted by Phil Cross on the UK Student Blog.

Did you know that as a student you can get all Microsoft Developer Tools free of charge? In one word its “DreamSpark”.

The latest version of our Professional Suite - Visual Studio 2013 is NOW available for you to download. As there are many thousands of pounds worth of software on the site we do need to verify you are a student and there are several ways of doing this, you can use your uni/college/ school email address, an ISIC Card or a code we can supply.

Alternatively, some university STEM departments and colleges subscribe to DreamSpark Premium which gives you even more software including Windows 8.1 for dev work. Schools and non STEM depts. can use DreamSpark Standard to get the tools and you can quickly check if your uni/college/school is eligible by searching here. I know it says school but it also applies to colleges and uni depts as well.


If your uni dept, college or school doesn’t have it – we can always help by giving you a code you can use to persuade the department to subscribe free of charge. It also means the software can be deployed on Lab machines, educators PC and obviously your own personal machine, To get hold of that just connect with us via and well take it from there.

Go ahead, download, its free after all, and please tell your friends, colleagues and educators. Also, when you do something amazing, or different or simply cool with it, tell us and we’ll see if we can tell the world!

You can connect with us via Facebook or use the email address and we'll get back to you.

Thanks again checking out DreamSpark and reading to the end Smile! We’d really like to hear about your successful projects and apps and I you are brave enough some of your “disasters” as well – we all have them at times.

Just to wet your appetite – here are 2 student stories who used DreamSpark to get going….

Richard Walters

Dene Palmer

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