Windows 8 Devices in Education: Acer Aspire S7 Review

The Aspire S7 is an ultra-thin, ultra-light premium ultrabook from the folks at Acer. This touch based device comes in white, with a super durable gorilla glass lid, and offers an amazing Windows 8.1 experience for those students, IT pro's and school/college/university leaders looking for a premium device that ticks both the style and performance boxes. This device is definitely not style over substance!


With an i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD, this device literally flies through tasks such as researching on the web, video editing, word processing and is well suited for even the most power hungry users.

The touch screen is responsive and is great for taking full advantage of Windows 8.1. Additionally, the high resolution 1080p screen really makes content shine, whether it's a PowerPoint presentation, lines of code within Visual Studio 2013 or movies.


The S7 packs a responsive gesture based track pad that makes swiping across different apps or scrolling through web pages a breeze. The overall responsiveness of the device also translates over to the keyboard and offers a comfortable and accurate typing experience, whether it’s for a 10,000 word dissertation or an SMT report. It may be a little shallow for some people, though.

The battery life on this device is good, but will not get you through an entire day without needing to reach for the charger. I should say, however, that the version of the device that I was testing was not using the new 4th generation i-core Haswell chip from Intel, so you can expect a nice battery boost with the more current version of this device.

From a connectivity perspective, due to the slim line nature of this ultrabook, a range of dongles are required for connecting Ethernet etc, but this is an easy sacrifice for the overall portability of this device and will definitely be keeping users away from the chiropractor for some time.


All in all this is a beautiful and elegant Windows 8 devices that is aimed very much as the premium end of the market. It's clearly not necessarily for primary of secondary age students, but is a highly attractive option for HE students, IT professionals and senior leaders within schools etc who are looking for a device that both performs and really stands out. It is definitely an early entry onto my Christmas list!

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