The Art of Possible


Phoenix Software is delighted to invite you to a half-day event investigating and celebrating Windows 8 tablets as the ‘art of the possible’

The computing landscape has transformed significantly in recent times with virtualisation, mobility and cloud technologies changing the way we think about IT. The challenge for education institutions is to embrace these new technologies and use them to best prepare their students for life outside education and in the workplace.


Educators are also being challenged to move away from teacher-led instruction to focus more on allowing students to develop their own skills through interactive, self-directed and collaborative learning. Integrating devices such as Windows 8 tablets into the heart of your institution can provide the platform you need to enter this new era of education.

Microsoft is leading the way with developing new education techniques and its Surface devices have the full range of capabilities to begin this transition. What is more, you don’t have to worry about legacy systems as Surface is compatible with your existing Windows and Flash-based teaching software - which allows you to pace your transition without the ‘all or nothing’ approach other tablets may demand. Why Phoenix Software for Education?

Phoenix Software is the UK’s leading provider of software, devices and services to the education sector. We are proud to present, in partnership with Microsoft and the Tablet Academy, this exclusive event showcasing the tools available to enable the new era of education.


• Welcome & Introduction - Keith Martin, Public Sector Manager, Phoenix Software

• The Art of the Possible: Using Windows 8 Tablets in Education - Professor Steve Molyneux, Tablet Academy

• Coffee

• Better Together: Windows 8, Office 365 & Surface - Russell Payne, Phoenix Software

• Panel Q&A

• Close

Event Highlights...

Professor Steve Molyneux – Tablet Academy

Leading industry expert, Professor Steve Molyneux presents his thoughts around transforming the classroom using tablets. The presentation is focused on how embedding the use of mobile devices in teaching and learning with the right pedagogical approach can improve engagement and increase attainment – which can only enhance an institution’s Ofsted rating.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Tablets are now an established part of computing and, in an education environment, make for an improved learning experience for students to develop on and learn vital skills for their future. The Surface is the only tablet able to integrate fully into your Microsoft curriculum by running Office software natively and allowing multiple user accounts. Surface devices will be available on the day for you to try out.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is growing very quickly in education - the service is security-enhanced, meets legislative and governance concerns, and helps reduce IT administration costs. Other capabilities include SharePoint Online and Lync Online which provide enterprise-class communications and collaboration capabilities.

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