Devices in Education: Educators

Any educator requires a PC to enable them to prepare, teach and communicate within their school, college or university. They use their devices for a diverse range of activities, from electronic grade records, to communicating with students, parents and other educators, to designing lesson and assignment plans. Their device is often used as the primary teaching and projection device in a classroom, and may therefore be used for video-conferencing and web browsing in addition to the aforementioned. Consequently, they need a device which can keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle, and has the ability to perform multiple functions without slowing down.


3 great devices for educators, are as follows:

Ultrabook (Entry Level): ASUS VivoBook S200E

A sleek, lightweight device with a price point starting at under £350, this ASUS is perfect for a teacher just starting their career. The touchscreen allows you to make the most of Windows 8, but you still have full laptop functionality for those all important lesson plans and emails. The devices size is only a plus, and is easily portable for when your bags are full of various textbooks and worksheets. We know that connection ports are important for teachers, as you need to connect to display equipment, peripherals and other devices, and the ASUS doesn’t let you down, being able to connect to almost anything with its VGA, HDMI and USB ports.


Hybrid (Mid Range): HP Envy x2

Boasting up to 14 hours of battery life when attached to the keyboard base, this device will take you from home to work, and survive the journey in between so you can continue your work when commuting. The detachable tablet is perfect for portability, allowing you to move your demos and teaching around the classroom rather than being stuck behind the laptop stand, and the Intel Atom processor, combined with 2GB of RAM, come together to give a smooth experience when multitasking.



Ultrabook (High End): Acer Aspire S

This beautiful looking device is great for teachers who want to get things done while looking professional at the same time. The screen can be opened to 180 degrees and laid flat, making it perfect for collaboration, and the Acer Crystal Eye HD camera allows you to video conference with other classrooms around the world using services such as Skype. The Intel Core i7 processor provides a seamless experience, whether browsing the web or running multiple applications, giving you more time to work and less time waiting for things to load. If you want a high performance, lightweight and visually impressive device that provides you with everything you need as a teacher, this is the device to choose.


More information about the devices featured in this post is available within our Devices in Education eBook. The eBook can be viewed/downloaded below:

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