Summer Surface RT Deal – Offer extended!

As discussed during a recent blog post, since the launch of the Surface RT Deal in June, we have had tremendous demand and excitement around how the Surface RT helps to enhance the teaching and learning experience across our community of schools, colleges and universities.

The momentum of orders has also painted a positive message; that the coupling of Windows 8 and Cloud services, in conjunction with an education-friendly device (thanks to its fantastic detachable keyboard, durable casing and inclusion of Office 2013 RT etc), is being welcomed in the classroom from both educators and students alike.


Again, as discussed previously, the great demand and receipt of orders has however meant that we have been faced with some logistical challenges which we are working hard to overcome in order to deliver you your new devices as quickly as possible!


One of our main challenges has been the momentous pace that our stock has been snapped up at. Our sincere apologies to those of you who have not yet received your keyboard with your Surface RT, in particular the Black Surface RT Touch. Keyboards will be delivered no longer than two weeks after you receive your Surface. On a brighter note, a shipment of new stock is due shortly which will help regulate orders.

Meanwhile, we are delighted to unleash the news that thanks to the interest and excitement we have received for the Surface RT, we will be extending the deal until the 30th September 2013. So for those of you taking well-deserved summer holidays, the deal will still be waiting when you get back, for you and your students to get your hands on a Surface RT.

The order form can be viewed/downloaded below if you are looking to take advantage of the extended offer (ignore the expiry data on the form, though, as this has not yet been updated to reflect the revised offer dates)


Windows 8.1 - Outlook RT and More!

Purchase of the Surface RT will not only grant you free access to Outlook RT, but will also enable you to be one of the first to try out the much anticipated Windows 8.1 when released, accessible through a free upgrade. To get a sneaky peek into some of the new exciting features of Windows 8.1 such as its managerial capability, click on the Product Guide here.

Finally, for all further transactions, please send your completed order forms to and any questions to

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