Surface RT Promotion FAQ’s (UK)

Since we launched the offer in the UK on the 19th June, it has been great to see the enthusiasm from institutions looking to equip their faculty, staff and students with the Surface RT device.

Surface RT is an awesome tool for teaching and learning and the feedback we have had from students and educators regarding the device has been fantastic. 

With great battery life, Microsoft Office Home and Student RT and over 20K education focused apps in the store, the Surface RT perfectly supports our mission in education is to help schools, universities, students and educators realise their full potential. 

With this in mind, we have taken this opportunity to share some of the common queries we are receiving from customers regarding the device and the selection of accessories currently available. 

If there is anything we have missed, please do not hesitate to leave your question on the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 


What version of Office does the Surface RT ship with?

Included with the Surface RT is Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT, providing access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote – all optimised for a touch screen.  Furthermore, with the upcoming free Windows RT 8.1 update, Outlook 2013 RT will be included for email, calendar, tasks and more.

Does the Surface RT come with a power supply?

Yes, the device comes with a power supply and is shipped in the same box as the Surface RT device.

Will the Surface RT ship with Windows 8.1?

No, the device will not ship with Windows 8.1 but can be downloaded for free via the Windows Store when it officially launches later in 2013. Windows 8.1 will offer a plethora of new features and refinements, one of which will include Outlook 2013 RT.

Additionally, Windows 8.1 will include features such as Mobile Device Management to support Microsoft and third party management solutions, improved VPN support and more. 

Is there an upper limit in the number of devices I can purchase?

No, there is not a limit on the number of devices your institution can purchase, although orders are processed on a first come first served basis leading up to the 31st August, 2013, when the offer expires.

How can my institution place an order?

If you have any questions regarding the offer, or would like to place an order, please contact Please note that this offer is exclusively available direct to institutions, and not to students or educators directly. The full order form is available to view/download below. 

Will any shipping costs be added to the final invoice?

No, the shipping costs are included in the price of the device(s).

Can a credit card be used to purchase the Surface RT device(s)?

No, credits cards are, unfortunately, not accepted. A completed order form, with PO number, would be needed to secure an order.

Surface RT (32GB) Promotion Pricing

  • Surface RT (32GB) - £133 + VAT
  • Surface RT (32GB) with Touch Keyboard Cover - £168 + VAT
  • Surface RT (32GB) with Type Keyboard Cover - £196 + VAT    

What is the battery life of the Surface RT  

The Surface RT (32GB) offers up to 8 hours battery life and is equipped to get students through a full day of lectures and study groups. 

What is the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT?

Windows 8 comes in three versions (Home, Pro and Enterprise) and runs on Intel x86 chipset. Windows RT comes in one version and runs on the ARM chipset. Windows RT devices are lightweight, have thin form factors, and better battery life.

Windows 8 x86 devices can run legacy software and software requiring intense processing power as well as the new modern Windows 8 apps. Windows RT ARM devices can run applications like Microsoft Office 2013 RT and the new modern Windows 8 apps exclusively from the Windows Store. Windows 8 x86 devices running Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise have enterprise level security and manageability features.  

Thanks for your interest in the Surface RT (32GB) and, as mentioned previously, if there is anything we have missed just let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Brittany Wright says:

    Any plans to run this or a similar offer again soon? I am very interested in using the Surface in the classroom.

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