ZipApp – Create your own Windows 8 App

Got an idea for a Windows 8 app for your class or institution but don’t know where to start? ZipApp can help.


ZipApp gives you the ability to simply add some data or hook up one of your existing online services, such as Twitter or an RSS feed, to create a Windows 8 app that complies with store rules, without the need for in-depth coding knowledge or experience.

To get started, and build an app in only 10 minutes, firstly go to and sign in with a Twitter, Google, Facebook or Microsoft Account. Once you are signed in you will be able to create a new app. It will ask for some basic information such as the App Name, and a description etc. You are then on your way to being able to share your app in the Windows Store.

When you build your app you get the source code so you can extend the application to your hearts content. Furthermore, with dozens of templates that are available, you can be confident that you will be able to find a design that compliments your institutions branding etc.

Additionally, you can sell your app, add advertising or give it away for free. Flexibility sits at the heart of ZipApp!

Get started today by visiting Let us know your ideas for an app or post a link to your app in the store in the comments below.

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