Intel Atom processor-based Windows 8 tablet (Acer W510) vs. Apple iPad

The popularity of tablet devices in HE is rising as students and staff require portable devices that can be used for both content consumption and content creation on campus, and beyond.

In a recent Principled Technologies Labs test, commissioned by Intel, the Acer W510 was benchmarked against the Apple iPad. The test looked at key scenarios, such as opening email, opening and editing documents, connecting to network file shares and collaborating with colleagues and found that the Windows 8 tablet was able to better meet the needs of a typical worker while the iPad presented a number of obstacles to completing even basic tasks.

With findings such as the Windows 8 tablet devices (W510) being able to open a large Excel file in only 7 seconds compared to 4 minutes for the iPad, the report discusses the need for tablets to make life easier and not add roadblocks to perform everyday activities and, in my opinion, this is particularly the case in education.

The full report can be viewed/downloaded below and offers an overview of the full range of scenarios addressed during the lab test.

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