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Microsoft Student Office

Microsoft Student Office 2010 Pilot provides an opportunity for students to own a copy of Office 2010 Pro with 3 year upgrade rights, for a minimal one off cost. It is offered through the University (significant value add on your part) although all of the mechanics, payment, and software download is managed by Microsoft via E-Academy\Kivito.

Microsoft Student Office is a new initiative which makes Office available to students through their university at minimal cost. The University can put the offer to students twice per a year, for 30 days each time, and have the freedom to choose these two dates to suit them and their students.

The offer can be used to license 2 devices, allowing students to install it on their home and university PCs, and includes Office for Mac too. Furthermore, students needn’t wait for their order to arrive in the post, as the scheme is available as a download, meaning they can use it straight away!

Student Office gives the student a significant discount on Office University.  In addition to receiving any upgrades throughout their time at university, students get given the most current version of Office at the end of the three year period!

In order to run the scheme, at least 1000 units consumed by students each year, although, in reality, we expect uptake to be much greater than this.

The pilot scheme will run from October 2012 to July 2013, so get involved early to avoid missing out!

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