Coventry University Hits £1 Million Savings Goal with Virtualised Network and Management Tools

When the Coventry University IT team was asked to cut £1 million from its budget as part of a strategic initiative, it re-evaluated virtualisation technologies. A previous foray into virtualisation had proved to be expensive, with the team finding it a challenge to make the most of the technology. After comparing several solutions, it chose to deploy Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacentre because the licensing model immediately saved the university £129,000.

The IT team is now using Hyper-V technology—included in the solution—to virtualise as many virtual machines onto one server as it needs, without requiring licences for each virtual machine. The team has also reduced staffing needs by one full-time staff member through the consolidation of platforms. With the new environment, the university saves £1 million of its allocated budget.

To learn more about this project, the case study can be downloaded from our SlideShare account. Alternatively, you can view the full document below.

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