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Whether you’re a teacher, IT Manager or an Education Professional, following our social media channels is an easy way to keep up with what’s going on in the technology and education sector.  By following us you can also learn about valuable tools, technologies and resources for your institution.

Take for our example our Slideshare Presentation eBook on Computer Games in Education. This is a really informative eBook about using and making computer games in the classroom.  It provides practical information on how to increase student motivation and enhance learning. Also we have just released a great series of KODU Game Lab presentations where you can learn about teaching with Kodu - a new visual programming language that runs on Xbox made specifically for creating games. This classroom resource is designed for classes and after-school clubs who want to introduce Kodu in a single session.

We also have various blog sites which are regularly updated. Each education level has its own blog site categorised into schools, further education, higher education and teachers.  We post lots of useful information and tools for the education sector to our blogs, from new technologies to free resources for schools. Some of our popular blogs have included posts about Learning Suite (apps used for education) and cost saving in schools advice.

By following us on Twitter you can be notified of all our latest blog posts, slideshare content and any other handy information around education and technology. We also retweet lots of industry experts and content we think you’ll like, so it’s great for an all-round education news and information feed.  You can interact with us on Twitter and ask us stuff, or share our content with your followers by retweeting us. We tweet from many events too such as BETT, so you can keep up with all the latest education event information.

If you use Facebook, we have a page that we update much the same as Twitter. Although in addition, our Facebook page is also updated with more teacher specific content and items from our Partners in Learning team. For example details about free teacher training camps and PowerPoint presentation ideas. Our Facebook page is great for sharing information with your colleagues and friends.

We have recently set up a Pinterest profile too which we’re loving! If you don’t know Pinterest too well, it’s a pinboard style social photo and video sharing website. As well as looking pretty, Pinterest is a great way to organise things you love, and useful tools and information. Follow our Pinterest profile and you will find technology education information, education news, exciting products and anything else we like the look of.  You can share our pins or boards with your followers too. One of our latest pins shows an image of an arcade console made by .NET Gadgeteer – an awesome tool used in schools to learn programming and electronics.

If you are a Google+ user, you can find our updates on our brand page Microsoft Education UK, with links to good presentations and blog posts. We post our online content here, as well as other updates such as World Maths Day including a link to maths resources for teachers.

We’ve just started using LinkedIn groups too. Our first one is Cloud Computing for Education, where you can discuss using Cloud Computing services in education with others in the education sector.

So that’s:

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Schools, further education, higher education and teachers blogs
Twitter - @microsoft_ed_uk
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LinkedIn - - Cloud Computing for Education

See you there!

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