BBC iPlayer in Education

As part of the on-going enhancements to the Xbox Live experience on Xbox 360, the BBC's iPlayer video-on-demand service is now available to all users in the UK.


The iPlayer service is a great way to catch-up on missed episodes of Doctor Who and the Apprentice (the new series starts this evening!), but what about its use within teaching and learning?

The iPlayer offers free access to a wealth of educational content, such as documentaries and current affairs programmes, all of which are made available on-demand via the service. The service also includes access to a plethora of radio content. With features such as the ability to 'Star' favourite shows and have them saved automatically, the service offers a flexible and easy way to access content and discover new material that may be relevant to a specific course or subject.

Jeremy Paxman's new series, Empire, for example, would be a great piece of content for sociologists, human geographers and historians alike, and can be easily consumed when and where the students chooses via the app, particularly if they have a smartphone device.


The beauty of the Xbox 360 application, though, is that it combines the ability to access content via the iPlayer service within a device that students love, and is a good example of the power of the consumerisation of IT in education.

Integrating the iPlayer experience within the Xbox 360 allows learners to access learning materials via the TV's in their living rooms or bedrooms, which ultimately enhances the overall impact and appeal of the content.

Furthermore, with the Xbox 360 iPlayer service being compatible with the Kinect, which allows for the app to be controlled via gesture or voice, great learning material is now only a swipe away.

As part of our focus on the consumerisation of IT in education, we will be watching the use of the iPlayer, and similar apps, closely.

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