Identity and Access Management for Education

Posted in conjunction with Oxford Computer Group.

In Education, managing the entire lifecycle of a digital identity can be challenging. In fact Education probably presents more challenges than almost any other sector! In this free workshop we'll help you understand the vital role Identity and Access Management has to play in enabling the adoption of Cloud computing, managing users and entitlements and enhancing security whilst also delivering numerous other benefits, such as reduced support costs and a better, more competitive user experience for staff and students alike.

We'll start the day with an introduction from Microsoft highlighting their solutions for Education, including Microsoft Office 365, the Cloud services platform for mail, office apps and collaboration. We'll then go on to explore many of the typical scenarios and use cases in Education and give consideration to the impact Cloud computing can have on these. Next we'll hear a customer case study highlighting the real-world value of Identity and Access Management solutions in Education.

Following a short break we'll provide an overview and demonstration of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010, the identity management platform being used by many Education providers to manage the entire lifecycle of digital identities, connecting to Cloud apps, Virtual Learning Environments, HR systems, Student Record Systems and more. This is then followed with a session sharing practical advice on how to prepare and get started with your own projects before concluding with a Q&A session.

When and Where:
May 17th, 2012 at the Microsoft offices, Cardinal Place, London, SW1E 5JL

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  • 09:00 Coffee and Registration
  • 09:30 Introduction from Microsoft
  • 09:45 Cloud Preparation for HE Providers (use cases, challenges & business opportunities)
  • 10:45 Customer Case Study
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15 Overview of FIM 2010 and Demo
  • 12:15 Practical Advice on How to Get Started
  • 12:30 Q&A with Buffet Lunch

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