Featuring the new and updated Microsoft DreamSpark at UCISA 2012

dreamspark-logoRecently, Microsoft have launched the new site DreamSpark Premium giving schools, colleges and universities opportunity to utilize the benefits it has to offer. What this means for existing EES licensed schools, colleges and universities will receive a complementary copy of DreamSpark $99 campus wide licence whilst not impacting any existing MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) services or IT subscriptions.

So, what’s changed?

To put it simply, DreamSpark and MSDNAA have become one to become DreamSpark Premium providing Microsoft products to both students and educators across all education sectors and added in a new institution wide subscription that licences you to distribute our development and design products to your students and educators  - complimentary if already EES subscribed.

With professional developer tools, as an educator, you can teach your students to create, improve and enhance their learning's with both non and low cost software and with the new additions to the DreamSpark family including Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011  and Windows Phone, your students can continue to build and share their ideas around apps, games and real sites whilst developing themselves with no charge.

With the tough job market as it currently is, having knowledge around technology is increasingly important. DreamSpark is a software tool that allows students to have that edge by giving them access to the same tools the pros use, making them job ready when they graduate.

As we are attending UCISA 2012 this year, we will have the opportunity to talk to you about this in more detail or answer any queries you may have on stand 22 or visit our Q&A and Usage Guidelines to take advantage of the benefits around DreamSpark.

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