Freebie time – Desktop Virtualisation for dummies booklet

Let’s start by getting the jokes out of the way. Yes, the ‘…for Dummies’ books are my kind of books. And, No, that’s not me on the front cover.

Now, that’s over with…


I’ve got my hands on 30 copies of the ‘Desktop Virtualisation for Dummies’ booklet to give away. And, let’s face it, desktop virtualisation is the kind of thing that needs a booklet like this. Despite believing that it would be important for education (after all, who else runs 300+ end-user applications on their network) I still find it confusing. After all, who wouldn’t be confused when you’re presented with so many choices:

  • User state virtualisation
  • Application virtualisation
  • Session virtualisation
  • Virtual desk infrastructure
  • Blade-based virtual desktops
  • Single-desktop virtual machines

So this booklet is a good starter guide to help you think about where (and whether) to start with desktop virtualisation. It’s just 32 pages long, so just about the right length, and it sets out the strategies for virtualisation clearly. And it deals with the reasons for doing it in a clear way. For example:

It’s not as straightforward as saying ‘desktop virtualization will save you money’, but it certainly gives you more options when you come to deciding how that money might be spent – either by reducing operational budgets in terms of minimised downtime, or lowering management and support overheads, or potentially enabling capital expenditure to be reduced or deferred.

If you’d like your own free copy of Desktop Virtualisation for Dummies, then simply drop Mir an email, and he’ll get one in the post to you (As they say in America, this offer is “good while stocks last, for people in the Great Britain area”)

ps Have you already implemented some of the strategies for desktop virtualisation? If so, either drop me an email or add a comment to this blog, because it would be good to know how it’s going.

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