Translating your websites into 30 languages–with 5 minutes work

With so many international students in Higher Education today, you need to be able to make your university websites and portals as accessible as possible to students, employers and parents from outside of the UK.

When I saw the new version of the Microsoft Translator tool, I realised this will therefore be really useful. It’s free, and it translates web pages into 30 languages

Basically, it’s a little web widget that sits on your website or portal, and allows visitors to translate your website with a mouse click into one of 30 languages. You don’t have to do anything except add a small piece of code to your website (or MLE or SharePoint etc).

You can try it using the blue widget at the bottom of the page (you will need to view this post on its own page – if you can’t see the widget below, then click here to see it) which will translate this web page for you. Imagine if you can add it to every page on your website – how pleased would visitors be?

How to use the Microsoft Translator on a website

  1. Go to this page:

  2. Select the colour you want to match your website

  3. Click “Generate Code”

  4. And then simply copy and paste the code, and pop the resulting short script onto your website page design

It’s really simple, and really easy to use. But most appealing of all, you can make yourself look really good to the rest of your colleagues – because it’s something they’d like to do, but might never have thought to ask for.

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