Live@edu Implementation Guide

imageBen Nunney, who writes the UK Live@edu blog, has just finished updating the Live@edu Implementation Guide. It covers a wide range of advice and guidance that is helpful as you plan to move your email services to the free Live@edu service, based in our cloud datacentres in Dublin. (This link will tell you more about what Live@edu is)

The guide is specifically written for IT managers and others who are responsible for the university IT infrastructure. Some of the guidance that you’ll find include:

  • How to structure your email domains
  • Options for configuring your student IDs
  • Switching your domains from your in-house servers to ours
  • Managing domains where staff are on an in-house mail service whilst students are in the cloud
  • Configuring Single Sign On
  • Automating the synchronisation of your user accounts
  • Setting up mail transport rules eg for banned words, mail filtering, domain restrictions etc
  • Branding your mail service

If you’re planning a deployment, or your curious to see just how much control you still retain when you move to an outsourced mail service, then Ben’s guide is incredibly helpful.

imageDownload the Live@edu Implementation Guide


Comments (3)

  1. G says:

    the link to download the file is not working. please advise

  2. Henry Blackman says:

    The link to the guide doesn't work for me?

  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Sorry G and Harry,

    I've now fixed it


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