Accessibility guide for education

clip_image001We’ve just issued the third edition of our accessibility guide for education, and it’s available as a download from our accessibility site. The site also includes a number of accessibility video case studies.

The Accessibility: A Guide for Educators has been updated to include information on Windows 7 accessibility features, and current assistive technology product recommendations.

This guide provides information about accessibility and accessible technology to help teachers ensure that all students have equal access to learning with technology, specifically:

  • An understanding of accessibility and how it impacts learners
  • Definitions of impairment types and technology solutions for each type of impairment
  • Guidance on choosing accessible technology solutions
  • Resources for more information

imageDownload the Accessibility Guide for Educators

Comments (1)

  1. jacksmonty says:

    Hi, just want to say thank you for the guidance. The guidance is really comprehensive and easy to understand. Keep improving.

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