Accelerating Windows 7 Deployment – workshops in London, Leeds and Edinburgh

Research says that 40% of organisations are planning to deploy Windows 7 in 2010. I’m not sure if migrating to Windows 7 is currently on your agenda, but if it is, I thought you might be interested in attending one of a series of workshops esteem are holding at the end of March under the title of Accelerating Windows 7 Deployments.  The workshops are being held in London (23rd March), Leeds (24th March) and Edinburgh (25th March). 

These interactive workshops will examine Windows 7, discuss the key challenges associated with the deployment of it (including application compatibility issues), and review the impact it will have on the corporate desktop environment.

Here’s a few of the topics that will be discussed : 

  • What are the key features of Windows 7?
  • How long can previous releases of Windows continue to run before they represent an excessive risk?
  • What are the key challenges associated with delivering a smooth and cost effective migration to Windows 7?
  • How can desktop and application virtualisation help with the migration puzzle?

If this sounds of interest, you can view the full agendas and reserve a place via the following links:

Central London (23rd March) :

Leeds (24th March) :

Edinburgh (25th March) :

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