Amazing University website built with Microsoft tools (Sharepoint & Silverlight)

image According to my colleague Michael Kleine in the Netherlands, the University of Florida “web Site of the year” award goes to Hogeschool in the beautiful city of Utrecht.  I’ve just had a quick tour around the website and I’d find it hard to disagree with the University of Florida, it makes excellent use of:

  • Multi Language
  • Mapping
    • You have to do the “go for a walk
    • It even shows where the local bike shop is
  • Student engagement
  • Immersive interaction
  • Community orientation
  • Social networking (flikr, Twitter, YouTube etc..)

Which altogether helps to create a powerful message about a progressive and exciting university.  There are lots of zones to explore on the site and it makes for a compelling experience. I know there are some great websites for UK universities but this one really lifts the lid on what’s possible.

See for yourself or have a brief look at the video tour:

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