The Higher Education Briefing 2009 – slides and other materials

image_thumb[3] Today’s briefing event covered a lot of ground, and a lot of questions from the audience too. If you were there, then you’re probably reading this to download the slides. And if you weren’t, then the slides will be a start to understanding what you missed!

Here are the links for all of the downloads:

A number of people asked me afterwards about the interactive tool I’d used for the presentation. And the secret is pptPlex, which is an add-in for PowerPoint 2007. It allows you to build amazingly interactive presentations, and also allows you to move around a storyboard in a completely non-linear way.

If you want all the presentations, follow this link to open the folder with all the presentations in SkyDrive.

[Dominic Watts] just adding this one, it's the Office 2010 slides that I never actually used but is a useful guide to what's coming down the road, follow this link to get access.  Of course you should also follow Ray's link to the download and begin with Office 2010 without delay.

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