The Cambridge and Oxford College IT conference

imageEarly this morning, Dominic and I jumped into our respective cars to head to Cambridgeshire, to present a keynote for the third Cambridge and Oxford College IT Conference, held at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. It’s quite an unusual conference venue, set inside the AirSpace hangar – overlooking a display of planes from the last century. My Dad and brother are both ex-Air Force Armourers, so seeing the Vulcan and Lancaster took me back to my childhood in Scampton, Lincolnshire.

In this historical setting, I was talking about the future, and the opportunities and challenges which exist as IT moves forward.

I  used our ‘Productivity Vision’ video, which looks at the workplace of 2019, and then continued by deconstructing the technology behind the video – to look at what exists now – either in research labs or in real life - and how the components might build to get to the vision described for the future.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the whole presentation, but I can share the short video that I used as the introduction, which is the starting point for the story I told.

Productivity Future Vision

You can view the video on our Officlabs Envisioning website, and you can also watch a video as Ian Sands, Director of Envisioning, steps through the video scene by scene and describes in greater depth the story behind the people and technology on display.

A number of people asked me afterwards about the interactive tool I’d used for the presentation. And the secret is pptPlex, which is an add-in for PowerPoint 2007. It allows you to build amazingly interactive presentations, and also allows you to move around a storyboard in a completely non-linear way.

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