Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Direct Access

The TechNet site has a growing series of Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides for all kinds of areas – virtualisation, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, Online Services and the Optimised Desktop.

The one that jumped out as me was the IPD Guide for DirectAccess in Windows 7. This is especially useful in colleges, where you have staff who are as likely to need access to your network from home as they are in university (especially if you have a large number of part time staff).

With DirectAccess, your users can have access to your university network without having to use a VPN or Remote Access setup – whenever they have access to the internet from their university laptop, they have access to your network. To get this level of convenience  without compromising security means that you need to setup your network carefully, and the IPD guide is designed to help with that.

The Infrastructure Planning and Design series guide for DirectAccess provides actionable guidance for designing a DirectAccess infrastructure. The guide’s easy-to-follow, four-step process gives a straightforward explanation of the infrastructure required for clients to be connected from the Internet to resources on the corporate network, whether or not the organization has begun deploying IPv6.

You can download the Direct Access Guide here

On the same subject, you may find the IPD Guide for Network Access Protection useful too, as it talks you through the ways that you can allow students and staff to connect their own laptops to your network without compromising security. In an environment where students all arrive with their own laptop, it allows you to save money and improve capabilities.

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