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We’ve all witnessed performing a search and getting something like 1,034,461 results back in 0.16 seconds with lots of blue and green lines on the screen.  However, no matter how many and how quick, can we really say we’re getting the right answer back with the minimum time spent?  Take this concept into a University and who could disagree that the search requirements of a Professor of Bio Informatics are different to those of a first year under grad?  Yet how many universities provide the same context-free service to all users?  I heard someone say at the ALT conference this year, “One size does not fit all – one size fits none”.  Each university has a great deal of information about its citizens so why not use this to provide more context to search for learners. educators, researchers and administrators.

As more universities deploy SharePoint, and in particular with the Enterprise CAL, there is a service already sitting in their data centre that can deliver much more.  We’ll see more of this in the coming months in the UK but initially there is this webcast being held on Tuesday 27 October:


You are invited to a briefing on Microsoft’s Enterprise Search Roadmap. Taking place on Tuesday, 27th October, this webcast briefing will provide valuable insight into Microsoft’s next release of Enterprise Search software. The session will address key topics including:

    Why Enterprise Search matters

    Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Search

    The impact on the business manager and technologist

    The Enterprise Search product roadmap

The Internet Business product roadmap will be outlined and a summary given of the Business Productivity product announcements made at the SharePoint Conference. The briefing will include details on forthcoming products, answering crucial questions such as:

    What is the future of FAST ESP?

    Which solutions will Microsoft offer for Internet Business?

    How are they different from FAST ESP?

    What are the upgrade options?

    What platforms will be supported in the future?

The Microsoft Enterprise Search Roadmap briefing is offered live at two separate times to accommodate various time zones and busy schedules. The presenters will cover the same topics at each session, so please attend the one that best fits your schedule. Attendance will be limited, so do register as soon as possible. To reserve your place, click the appropriate time:

(by my calculation this is 4:00 PM in the UK - [Dominic Watts]) - Click here to calculate your local time

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