Special Student Deals on Office and Windows

image You know what it’s like – you have a brilliant plan, and then something gets in the way. And this term, we’d hatched a brilliant plan to launch our Ultimate Steal offer on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which is why we went with a nice Piratey theme for the launch. Oh, how we were going to laugh – with plenty of piratey jokes, piratey blog posts and other such sea-shanty-silliness. (We’d done our homework on the UK Yarr site, international talklikeapirate.com and the facebook group)

But ‘twas all blown to smithereens when ITLAP day was a Saturday. “Shiver me timbers!” said the crew of the vessel HMS Office, “We can’t be launching a campaign on the high seas on a Saturday.” And no amount of treasure could change their course. And so it quietly slipped out of port on the 17th September instead, and sailed into the wide blue yonder.

But it did at least get going – and we launched the Ultimate Steal offer of Office Ultimate 2007 for £38.95 - only available to students and staff with a .ac.uk email address. And this year, it will stay available permanently, not as a short-term offer

But what was even better is that our friends on HMS Windows also set sail on a Windows 7 offer for staff and students, with a special price of £29.99 until the end of December.

You can get both offers on our website at www.ultimatesteal.co.uk

ps if you want to tell your staff and students about it, there’s a sample email here, and there are some less piratical graphics on this SkyDrive link. 

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