Microsoft Develops Plug-in for Moodle to Aid Teachers, Students

This is a very exciting announcement and one that I’ve certain will be welcome from many in the education sector and also an important step in Microsoft’s Education Product Group strategy as we release the Microsoft Live Services plug-in for Moodle.

(see video


As the name suggests, the plug-in allows some live services to be accessed from within Moodle.  To help Microsoft’s live@edu customers gain access to and understand this functionality, we are releasing the full source and accompanying documentation to the plug-in.


Specifically, the plug-in integrates to Outlook Live email, calendar, Live Messenger, Live Alerts and Bing Search directly into Moodle.  This means that students, teachers and faculty can quickly communicate, collaborate and conduct learning based research directly inside the Moodle learning management system.


For more information, please go to Michael Golden’s blog posting

and for access to the plug-in please view the education labs

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