Microsoft and UNESCO – teaming up on Higher Education

Once I’ve posted this I really must go and pack because I’m about to head down to Paris to participate in this conference.  We’re looking at how technology can be used in higher education and producing some guidelines to support practitioners.

Much of the theme will be around 21 Century skills and as Microsoft’s Michael Golden says, technology will play a vital role in this and broadening access to a quality, personalise education.  Nicholas Burnett of UNESCO points out the role HE has to play in support a better skilled workforce across the globe.

There’s a press release here:

and the main site is here

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  1. ACS Call Center Services says:

    There’s no doubt that technology really helps make both teaching and learning easier, and in many cases more accessible. I can’t stress enough how helpful it was in college to have a computer not just for writing papers but for research as well.

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