Business Intelligence for universities – how Northumbria University turned data into information

With increasing governances and fiscal demands, Northumbria University needed a way for their managers to quickly and easily track critical financial and student data.  After implementing its Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, their stakeholders now have access to near real-time, streaming reports to support effective decision making.  Working with Microsoft Gold Partner, Waterstons, Northumbria has implemented the best BI solution I have seen in Higher Education so far.

“Thanks to our new Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, instead of spending the majority of their time locating and gathering data, our information officers can tackle critical projects that add even more value to our schools, programs and the university.”

David Chesser Performance point picture
Deputy Vice Chancellor and Finance Director
Northumbria University

Benefits include:

  • Data Accuracy

    • Providing certainty to all decision makers

  • Online Portal increasing transparency

    • Self service allowing everyone to ask their own questions

  • ‘Big picture view’

    • Provides holistic, current and reliable information

For more information you can read the full Northumbria University Business Intelligence case study

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