Windows 7 Application Compatibility in education

A last week I wrote “Windows 7 is getting closer”, and one of the readers posed the question about Application Compatibility – their point was that they used over 450 applications, so couldn’t we test them all to check they work on Windows 7. Hopefully it’s no surprise to learn that we can’t do all of that, but that there’s been a big focus on overall application compatibility in Windows 7 – back to both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Later today, Mark Russinovich is hosting a worldwide roundtable on Application Compability that you might want to join in. As it is a single event for the whole world, it is at 7pm our time tonight, but I’ve had a look at the telly schedule and there’s nothing exciting on (thank goodness Britain’s Got Talent has finished – for so many reasons!).

Here’s the blurb:


“Windows 7 is approaching fast and from the application standpoint is very similar to Windows Vista. We’re going to examine Windows 7 application compatibility not only from the perspective of moving from Windows Vista, but also for those coming from Windows XP. Join us to discuss the most common challenges around application compatibility when coming from a legacy operating system, why changes were made along the way, compatibility technologies inside the OS and methods for getting incompatible applications to run on Windows 7. Along the way we share tips and tricks, demonstrate free tools to analyze and fix applications and answer your specific questions about application compatibility live.”

You can attend using this link – just logon a few minutes before 7pm:

As part of the “virtual” experience, you may submit your questions about Windows 7 Application Compatibility to the panel live during the event—or submit questions in advance to

Comments (2)

  1. Anthony says:

    I think you misread my comment Rayfl! I was only suggesting that Microsoft provide, and encourage the use of, a list of software that users had got to work. I was no way suggesting that MS do the testing!!! Why should 100 Universities go through the same test process – why can’t we work together with Microsoft providing some value to the sector!

    I hope Mark’s roundtable will be available for future viewing?

  2. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the note. Dominic has picked up the issue within the context of the EduCoMS community, built by Eduserv, with the support of Microsoft, UCISA and the ESCUK.

    It was one of the original intentions that it would be good for exactly this kind of project and sharing, but in reality (and like many online communities) it hasn’t taken off in that way.

    Perhaps it is worth starting a thread in the Vista section?

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