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On Tuesday, I’m travelling down to meet Eduserv and UCISA to discuss the EduCoMS community website which looks to have had zero activity for around 6 months since Jonathan Noble from Newcastle posted an article on Windows Vista and the one before that was from me, also on Vista.

I should have asked this earlier but what does the community want?  Please let me know via email if you can.  Jonathan Noble has already and he came up with some good ideas (check his blog) and I’d love to hear more.

Alternatively, start using the site and make your feelings known there and I look forward to supporting you where I can.

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  1. Dominic says:

    Thanks for the feedback which was extremely useful for the meeting today.  We are all keen to continue with educoms but anticipate some structural changes to the site.  Fundamentally, as a community, it needs community members and involvement and ideas so please keep them coming.

    One thing we noted was that the news of educoms didn’t seem to cascade through the institutions which perhaps explains the lack of participation.

    We want educoms a place for those heroes to be noticed by their peers in the UK, in UKHE, in HE and outside of this too.  I think educoms could be a fabulous place to share and learn.

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