Office Live workspace moves up a gear

This is such a useful service that keeps getting better and better.  With the addition of Silverlight we can add so many more capabilities to improve OfficeLive.  If you’re already a user then you’ll have seen some news today of the latest developments.  If you’re not then you’re missing out on one of the hottest on-line collaboration services there is but don’t worry, you can sign up now.

We’ve recently changed OfficeLive to include:

  • Folders
    • Multi folders in the workspace will be a massive bonus
  • More storage
    • 5GB of storage
    • This is on top of the 25GB storage in Skydrive
    • Which is also on-top of the 10 GB storage on Live@edu or 5GB if you’re a hotmail user
    • This is on-top of the 5GB of Mesh storage
  • As well as more storage there’s now a multiple file upload and here’s how you do it

For more information about what’s new check here

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