Free one day Virtualisation conference in London


“Explore how to make IT more cost-effective in uncertain times. Microsoft and partners invite you to this invitation-only event.”

Dan sent me details of our “Virtualisation and Management Conference” on 10th March. Overall it makes good agenda, but I do take issue with the phrase “…in these uncertain times…” because within education, I don’t think things are as uncertain as implied. Although budgets are currently tight, I think that what is certain is that education budgets will be a lot tighter over the next two to three years. As we head towards next Government financial year, there’ll be some adjustment of belt-loops coming up. It may not feel as if we’re in the budgetary good times, we’ll probably look back to today fondly in a couple of years!

I think what that means is that it is worthwhile investing time in looking at ways that you can reduce your IT budget in the future – making some strategic decisions whilst you’ve still got flexibility in your budget to implement changes. And that’s why I shamelessly say that spending a day in London on 10th March is a good investment of time.

You’ll hear from various Microsoft speakers of course, but the two gems of the agenda for me are:

  • Perth and Kinross council will talk about their strategy and how they saved £100,000 by virtualising.
  • The afternoon has split streams, where you can choose between sessions from Computacenter, Avanade, Infosys, HP, Unisys and TCS.

This event isn’t just for education, or even just for public sector organisations. So you’ll be able to compare hnotes with a range of other organisations who’re looking at virtualisation, which might add some more depth to the event.

Anyway, here’s the details:

FirstquotesExplore how to make IT more cost-effective in uncertain times.

Get a fresh view on virtualisation and a head start on planning your next move. See how customers are using Microsoft's virtualisation and management technologies to cut costs, save power and space, reduce carbon emissions and be more flexible and effective.

Understand how the right virtualisation and management tools can deliver these savings and benefits quickly in your organisation without disrupting or undermining your existing IT investments and skills.

If you have already invested heavily in virtualisation, see how Microsoft can bolt on to make that investment work harder and slicker. Then, take that knowledge and see how Microsoft's key partners can help you turn the idea into reality and accelerate your project with their skills, experience and insights.

Exclusively for this event, six key Microsoft Partners — Avanade, Computacenter, HP, Infosys, TCS and Unisys will deliver workshops on their approaches to delivering virtualisation, insights and customer experiences. Choose from a variety of sessions that show you how to accelerate your virtualisation project and move from strategy to execution.

Don't miss out; achieve faster, more cost-effective IT... Endquotes

The event is at our London offices on 10th March, and runs from 9am to 4pm.

You can register (and see the full agenda) here, for which you’ll also need invitation code 0CB2A8

The UCISA Conference starts on the same day, but if you’re boss is too mean to sign off the train trip to Liverpool…

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