New for live@edu – multiple platform and browser experience and much more……

If I were to ask a university “which missing feature in Exchange Outlook Web Access (OWA) would you most like to see” then cross-platform/browser support would almost certainly be at the top of the answer list.  Of course, OWA does work on different browsers already but the premium experience has only been available on Microsoft’s IE.

So what’s new?   Well, for those using Exchange on live@edu there’s a whole load of new stuff not least of which is:

Cross Browser Experience

yes, that’s

Cross Browser Experience

and multi platform too.

This means that IE users, Safari users and Firefox users will have the Premium view for OWA on Exchange.

What else is new?

We’ve also added instant messaging (IM) integration and a threaded conversation view.  This great experience is available on multi platform/browsers too.

For more information, please follow this link where there’s a short video demo.

Come and join the many other universities across the UK and deliver this experience for your students and staff today by visiting

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