Is your university looking for cost savings?

I’m not expecting anyone to say “no” to this because all the conversations I’m having with universities imageindicate that we are clearly in a difficult and testing time and budgets are being squeezed.  Microsoft UK has just launched a new web-site showing several ways that the UK’s public sector can save money without cutting services.  The site lists a series of Webinars linked to five distinct areas where our customers in the public sector are saving costs today.

Nicola Hodson, Microsoft’s General Manager Public Sector UK, has just issued this letter which identifies 5 areas where money can be saved together with examples of who is doing this and how much they are saving:


These are exceptionally testing times for managers in the public sector. Yet, as a CIO, you will know better than most that technology has a leading role to play in driving efficiencies whilst improving productivity and front-line citizen contact.

Helping the Public Sector find Cost Savings – now.

The Government is looking for a further £5 billion efficiency savings, while at the same time, the demand for state services is hardly likely to decrease. Through Microsoft’s extensive public sector experience we have identified five key areas where we can be of practical and immediate help.

1) Save costs on travel, training and telephony

Wakefield Council has made savings of £4 million and eliminated 127,000 annual commuting miles through a flexible, mobile working strategy.

2) Reduce IT power and estate costs

Slough Borough Council has already saved over £100,000 while Perth and Kinross Council has reduced its power consumption by 87% and saved over £100,000 in its first year, through Microsoft’s virtualisation technology.

3) Optimise your technology infrastructure

Our Infrastructure Optimisation model allows organisations to maximise the value of their IT, turning technology from a cost centre to a business enabler. Edinburgh Council’s annual savings through Infrastructure Optimisation equate to a £9 saving for each and every citizen.

4) Give everyone the data they need to maximise productivity

Our Business Intelligence tools put accurate data at managers’ fingertips and can reduce data entry costs. Norfolk Police see Business Intelligence as a front line tool in fighting crime and have reduced their operational costs by £200,000 at the same time.

5) Make the most of your Microsoft investment

We want you to gain maximum impact from your engagement with us. We appreciate not every organisation is fully aware of all aspects of their IT estate or what they are entitled to through their strategic agreements. Further benefits from Microsoft might include business value planning services, free e-learning and financing options. We can also engage the experience of our extensive public sector partner network.

To explore how we could support your organisation, we would like to offer you:

  • Tailored Executive Briefings to explore these challenges and find ways in which technology can assist
  • Software Roadmap Briefings
  • An invitation to our new Technology Immersion Centre
  • A series of practical webcasts with public sector organisations who can demonstrate the five key areas.

Further details and a selection of public sector case studies can be found at

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact my team at

Yours sincerely

Dr Nicola Hodson

General Manager, Public Sector UK

Additionally, you can also contact and Microsoft’s UK Higher Education team can help you too.

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