Microsoft tech-ed for IT Professionals is now happening



I'm back in Barcelona, actually I'm not as I write this but probably will be by the time you read it.  Altogether I believe there are more than 80 people from UK universities looking to develop their understanding and capability to deliver great solutions to UKHE.  It's an investment in both time and money for their institutions but one that they always tell me brings a significant return when they come back home.

If you're also here then please drop me an email or post a comment.  If you're not here then follow what's happening through the site.  Last year Ray and I were both present and updating the UKHE blog but this year Ray is staying back in the UK, leaving me on my own 🙁 but I'll try to provide updates when I can.  In fact, I have got several other colleagues here too so I'll ask if they can take notes in their sessions.

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