Take a look at Office for the Web

As mentioned earlier, Office is coming to the web and for a look then please view this Channel 9 video:

First Look: Office 14 for Web

So they're talking about cross-browser with AJAX and/or Silverlight (BTW, the video is Silverlight in case you're wondering).

How useful will this be for students do you think?  When combined with the full off-line capability of Office through deals like www.TheUltimateSteal.co.uk then I think we've got some really compelling options for students and I mustn't forget live@edu.


BTW - when I just did a search in www.live.com for live@edu the first link is the University of Northampton - fantastic!  Try it:


Yes, there are other search engines out there 😉 and yes I'm using Internet Explorer 8.

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