Windows Vista in Higher Education – Why do students want it and Office 2007?

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I went to visit the University of Sheffield this morning (my hometown) to catch up with one of their teams which has a massive enthusiasm for Vista.  The bad news is, I fell off my bike in my rush to get there and now I'm bruised all over.  The good news is they signposted me in the direction of this article which states that the university must ensure that its students consider the University to be leading edge and that part of this must include providing up to date software.  This has led to all student open access machines having Office 2007 installed before the start of the academic year 2008/9.  Go Sheffield!

Whilst on the subject of students and state of the art software.  Some of my colleagues over in the US have done a bit of research into what're the key things students find useful in Vista.   There's a focus on mobility here, laptop or UMPC users; here they are:


  • Choice of devices
    1. Express personality
    2. Consumer choice to suit needs
    3. Students on any budget have a wide choice to suit requirements
  • Choice of applications
    1. Vista has wide range of apps to suit learners needs
  • Network and Sharing Center, an easy-to-use interface graphically showing the connection status of the computer
  • A simple wizard to create or join networks
  • Peer-to-Peer platform support for collaboration with Windows meeting space
    1. Small Group collaboration
    2. Sessions Near Me
    3. Multi-Party file sharing
  • Productivity with integrated search, live icons and thumbnail views of files students will find the documents they want quicker
  • Make presentations easier
    1. Network Projection and Presentation Settings
    2. Collaborate more efficiently
    3. Windows Meeting Space
  • Resume work quickly
    1. Sleep - Power State
    2. Power Plans
    3. Network Center
  • Update files automatically
    1. With Sync Center
    2. Offline Files and Folders
  • Configure settings quickly
    1. Windows Mobility Center
    2. Most frequently used settings
  • Power management:
    1. Power plans to control and manage battery life based on how you are working.
    2. Efficiency and environmental concern
  • Integration with Live
    1. Think back to the small group collaboration
    2. When no longer on Campus, there's still the need to easily share
    3. Live messenger - where would they be without it after all these years?

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