Update on the Ultimate Steal

The Ultimate Steal logoFor most universities, students have been back several weeks but when I was at Oxford last week for the launch of their Groupware project they reminded me that it was their first week of the academic year.  So, they might have missed some of the on going dialogue the rest of us have been enjoying about the Ultimate Steal and, for that matter, perhaps lots of others have too.

The main area of focus is around how to let students know about the offer, as in this post.  For one of our London universities which only gave the Microsoft email address to its students as some kind of punishment to us then I do hope they are reading this posting.  One request was a presentation to play on the plasma screens around the university advertising this cheap (and legal) way to buy office.  I've posted a deck in my Skydrive folder for just this purpose (it's in Office 2007 format).


Officelive workspaceI've also put a slide in there about OfficeLive Workspace just to make sure that students are using everything possible that's free.  IMHO, this is not only significantly cheaper than a memory stick but also much more flexible and secure.

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