The Ultimate Steal Q & A

I’ve had a few questions recently about the Ultimate Steal promotion – where students & staff with a “” email address can buy Office 2007 Ultimate for £38.95 for home use. Working on the assumption that other people are interested in the same questions, here’s my answers to the Ultimate Steal Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s in the Office 2007 Ultimate version?

Amazingly, I couldn’t find a table which compared the different versions of Office available for education – because both the home user versions and the business versions are relevant, and they’re normally on two different comparisons. So here’s my handy table of all of the educationally relevant versions of Office, and what’s in each one:


Your university probably licences Professional (Plus) or Enterprise for your work use.

And for your home computer, it’s most likely you’ll have Home & Student.

Which is where the Ultimate Steal promotion comes in handy! It gives you everything - including Groove, which is a good way to securely synchronise files between multiple computers/users, and OneNote, for collecting text, web and multimedia information together as a series of note pages. Normally Office Ultimate would cost £500+ via a retailer, which is why we’re so strict about users needing a “” email address to qualify for The Ultimate Steal.

Will there be an Ultimate Steal for Mac users?

Yes, there will be, but it’s not ready yet - it’s due for release in January. The delay is waiting for the digital download version to become available. In the meantime, If you want a Mac version (sadly the download isn't available until late summer), and you’re a student, then pop over to one of our partners that sell educational licences for students. They are RM, Software4Students and the Pugh student shop, and from under £35...

Can I use my Hotmail email address?

The way we validate that you are a student is by sending your access code to your email address. So if you try to sign up with a hotmail/gmail/yahoo/ email address, then the system will tell you that it’s not valid. (Despite this, hundreds of students every week try, and then send us requests to let them use their hotmail address. But it’s not going to work 🙂

Where do I get support for Ultimate Steal?

Before you ask, No, it’s not me!

The Customer Support link on the Ultimate Steal home page not only answers 90% of the questions that people ask the support team, but also has a “Still need help?” section where you can contact the Ultimate Steal support team directly. Now, if you have given them a chance to help you, and not getting the support you need, drop me a line (using the Email link at the top of this page), then I can see if I can help. But please…give them a chance to respond first.

One student (no naming & shaming) sent 7 emails to the support desk, put 3 comments on this blog, and then sent me 3 emails – all within a two hour block between 9pm & 11pm on one day. And still hasn’t responded to the email sent from the support desk the next day…

Comments (5)

  1. AndyRae says:

    Hi Ray,

    Is there any update on the January Mac Office 2008 date?



  2. Luke says:


    Any updates concerning the Ultimate Steal for Mac? Obviously not in January.



  3. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for prompting. I’ve updated the article, because the Mac version isn’t now coming as a download now, but you can order from for £35.


  4. Luke says:

    Hi Ray,

    About the soft for mac – I’m a uni staff and on my university they won’t supply the mac software.

    All of the shops mentioned require eligible persons to be students (or students’ parents), which I am not:)

    Any advice?

    Any sensible reason of this policy that the discount is only for Win users?



  5. Ray Fleming says:

    Hi Luke,

    I’m afraid I don’t have an easy answer, but staff are eligible to purchase Academic versions of our software (including Mac Office). However, it won’t be the Student version our partners sell via our Select licensing scheme.

    I think the easiest thing to do is to contact one of our partners mentioned above,and ask for info on products and pricing


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