Ultimate Steal offer for OU students

When I wrote about the Ultimate Steal, I said it was for university students and staff with a .ac.uk email address. There’s also a requirement that if you’re a Higher Education student, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate level course. And although that was straightforward for most students, it turned out to be quite tricky for Open University students. With the nature of their studies, it sometimes turned out to be difficult to work out whether somebody was actually doing a degree or not!


So this year, after some negotiations with our dear lawyerly-friends, we have made a leap and extended the offer out to ANY registered Open University student who has one of their ‘open.ac.uk’ email addresses and also to all OU staff.

Which means that, if you’re an OU student, regardless of which course you are on, and how many modules you’re currently studying, you’re eligible for the Ultimate Steal

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