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It’s been a pleasure to work with the folk at the University of Northampton over the last year whilst they evaluate, implement, test, pilot and deploy live@edu to their Live@edu graphicstudents.  So, I’m really pleased to see that this has been a success in the university and Pauline Jewell (Head of MIS) sent me a link to an on-line copy of BiblioTech, which is the university’s Information Services Newsletter.  In the article, Through the Digital Window on page 3, Pauline talks about the university’s previous “creaky” email service, Mailman, which has now been overtaken by other systems and it only had basic functionality with an ‘old-fashioned’ interface.  The article goes on to talk about the decision process the university undertook when looking to Mailman’s successor and mentions considerations such as:

  • Cost
  • Availability and resilience
  • ‘State of the art’ functionality
  • Storage
  • Support
  • Scale

Northampton was impressed by the fact it could set up accounts at the first point of contact a prospective student has with the university.  They can then enable this identity and its connected services as they manage the life-cycle of the student’s relationship with the university all with one ID.  The University has also taken advantage of this new service to look at the naming convention for email, instead of the previous numeric system a more favourable “” will now be used for each student on Live.

Northampton expects Live to improve the student experience from day one and will see its students use the mail service, messenger, spaces and calendars all with online support from Microsoft and all with one recognised, respected and Northampton branded ID.  Pauline comments “Live is here and it feels like another milestone in how digital technology helps us to support our students”.  For the full article please visit here.

For more information on Microsoft’s hosted student services please visit

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