Windows Live@edu on the go

I'm a fully mobile worker or road warrior as we used to be called.  This means that I need information with me all the time, or at least I seem to anyway.  My preferred platform is my laptop which goes with me just about everywhere but increasingly I find i can do more and more with my Windows smartphone, which is an SPV M3100.  I've recently discovered a new web site for it   

This gives me access to a whole stack of information about what my friends/colleagues are working on and access to their files.

I can also access my hotmail, messenger, blog and update my status from here.  This should work on any phone with an web browser and those students with access to Microsoft's live@edu will see immediate benefit when they can see what their fellow students are working on and access them directly.

Take a look, all you need is your live ID.

Here are some screen shots:


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