Microsoft Simulation Software

I've just noticed this software and can't believe I've not come across it until now:

At a high level, it's a visual simulation platform that brings immersive games based technology to learning and training.  It's multi user, Internet and VoIP ready too with fast accurate real-time information feeds.  Have a run through of the video, you might want to mute your speakers first.

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  1. Microsoft ESP is built on top of the Microsoft  Flight Simulator product, but with new licensing agreements to allow third-parties to legally sell end-user solutions.

    We’re developing such solutionn for higher education, so if you’re interested get in touch 🙂


    Dr Kenji Takeda

    Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing,

    School of Engineering Sciences,

    University of Southampton

    ktakeda <at>

  2. Kenji Takeda says:

    This new platform is built on the Microsoft Flight Simulator product, but is aimed at enterprise users, including HE. I believe it is available on MSDNAA.

    We’re developing a lot on ESP at Southampton, so do get in touch if you’re interested. ktakeda <at>

    We’ll be at the HPC user group meeting too!

    Dr Kenji Takeda,

    Microsoft Institute for HPC,

    Univeresity of Southampton

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