UCISA Seminar on Desktop and Application Virtualisation

The UCISA team are running an event on virtualisation on the 26th June, and looking at the agenda it promises to be a day full of useful content. It’s being held up at Leicester University, and they are going to be talking about the work that they have done to implement application virtualisation with SoftGrid, and providing a ‘warts and all’ insight into what they have achieved, and how.

The opening session is titled “The business case for a virtualised desktop: moving away from the annual PC desktop refresh”, which alone seems like justification for the trip up/down to Leicester.

My colleague David Hitchen, the man who’s job title says “Mr Softricity” on our email address book, has been invited to present a technical overview of where SoftGrid is going, and the infrastructure requirements to support application virtualisation.

The events is run by the UCISA Infrastructure Group, and you can find out more, and register on the UCISA website

In advance of the event, you can find out more about our virtualisation strategy on Microsoft.com

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