Event – Creating Dynamic Diagrams with Microsoft Office Visio 2007

Do you, or colleagues, want join us for a free, half day seminar in London on creating the right diagrams quickly and effectively for all your communications needs? It's an interactive seminar which will combine slide and hands-on presentation addressing:

- How to analyse, visualize and communicate information

- Where visual data can enhance decision making

- Increasing personal productivity

- Hints and Tips for users

An academic licence for a single user is typically under £30, so it isn't even going to break the bank.

Driving Successful Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007

Dates: April 9th, May 14th

Time: 0900 – 12:30 (arrival from 08:30) or 14:00 – 17:00 (arrival from 13:30)

Location: Microsoft, Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL


  • What’s new with Visio 2007
  • Templates for Departmental applications
    • Including Business Process Mapping, Timelines, Web Templates, Marketing Shapes etc
  • Using Visual data to Enhance Decision Making
    • Including Pivot Tables, Automated HR reporting, Networking Diagrams, Linking back-end Data
  • How to Analyse, Visualize and Communicate Information
    • Including scaling and layering made easy, Shapesheets, Exporting diagrams to other MS Office applications, hyperlinking

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Apr  9th - London - Telephone # 0870 166 6680 ref 9598

May 14thLondon  - Telephone # 0870 166 6680 ref 9599

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