IO IO…it’s off to SCC I go

Oh, I know. The title's corny. But it is Friday afternoon, there's hail outside, and we can all do with some light relief!

Yet another old friend has shown up - this time Nick Russell, who's now "Civil, Defence & Education Divisional Director" of SCC. We work with SCC in all kinds of ways, and one of the ways that is likely to be of interest for universities is our work on Infrastructure Optimisation (IO). IO starts with a model, created by Gartner, which allows an organisation to look at their IT resources in a more strategic way, and where necessary move it away from being a "cost", to becoming a strategic business asset. I don't know what it's like in your university, but for many IT Directors, having an ability to control the strategic direction of their IT systems, to support the university, helps to support the long-term success of the team. We talked about IO with the 50 universities who attended the IT Forum event in November, and there was a widespread feeling that this could help your planning.

SCC-IO So, SCC & Microsoft have put our heads together to bring you a day full of content to help you understand how the IO model can help you.

The events are called "The Best Route To Ensure The Success Of Your IT Infrastructure", and they're being held over the next 6 weeks in Halifax, Birmingham and London.  I'll let the SCC team tell you a bit more:

FirstquotesBefore making a journey, it's important to know where you are before you set off in any particular direction and your IT infrastructure is no different. You have an IT budget, you need to deliver strategic value and you must show a business benefit. This can all be done through Infrastructure Optimisation.
Infrastructure Optimisation helps to drive a more secure, well managed and dynamic core IT infrastructure to enable organisations to help reduce their overall IT costs, make better IT resources and make IT a strategic asset for the organisation.

By working with SCC and Microsoft and using this model as a framework an organisation can quickly understand the strategic value and business benefits to the organisation in moving from a basic level of optimisation, where the infrastructure is generally considered a "cost centre", towards a more "dynamic use". This is where the organisation's value of IT infrastructure is understood and viewed as a business enabler and asset.

SCC in partnership with Microsoft are inviting you to attend one of our Infrastructure Optimisation FREE events to be held at various locations throughout the UK. The events are aimed at Chief Information officers, Chief Technology officers, IT Managers, Infrastructure Managers and other IT Industry Professionals in Education who are responsible for delivering budgets, in particular cost savings or green credentials and working practices.
If you work in the education sector you can't afford to miss out on this opportunity to meet and discuss with SCC and Microsoft industry experts in your area.Endquotes

The events are in HALIFAX on Wednesday 16th April, BIRMINGHAM - on Wednesday 23rd April, and our offices in LONDON on Friday 9th May.

To register, either visit the website or call SCC on 0845 351 1157

There's a PDF flyer available here

Not only do I like the content of the event, but I really like the style of the invitation - it looks like a dog-eared A-Z atlas. Which gives a hint of how helpful it can be if used well.

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