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My colleague, Matt Fox, has been bitten by the blogging bug. He's our UK specialist for the Microsoft Live @ Edu service - a range of online collaboration services for colleges and universities, including email, file storage and Office collaboration - all based in the Internet. (Oh, and all free, which makes them doubly attractive).

Now, Matt's blog is a bit more technical than this one ('Thank Goodness' I hear you cry), and he's concentrating on the technical and implementation side of the Live @ Edu service, and I can heartily recommend it if you're considering using the service, or if you want to know some of the ups and downs of moving a service from your own in-house servers to an Internet-based service. (However, given that we currently run the whole Hotmail service on the same service infrastructure, then I guess we've learnt a thing or two about mass-online-communication-services in our time).

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