University, it’s all about getting a better job isn’t it?

I know this is a common discussion in Higher Education but I'm not wanting to start a philosophical debate on the purpose of Higher Education.  However, let's not forget that many, if not all, universities publish the percentage of graduates who get a job within a few months.  After all, for many/most/(all) students it really is about improving their career prospects and this is something that we at Microsoft certainly recognise through our own intern and graduate recruitment.

One of the companies Microsoft acquired, UK based Rare, has a series of free lectures which are aimed at giving greater insight to students about life in a gaming company.  Unsurprisingly, 9 out of 10 hires made at Rare are graduates and Rare has been working with Microsoft's UK Academic team to help gaming students get a better understanding of creativity, characterisation, productivity and more useful subjects to help those preparing to make a career in this industry.

To find out more, I'm taking you first on a tour to the UK Academic team and in their safe hands you can learn more about some of the activities Microsoft is involved with to help students get more out of their time at university.

UK Academic Team Blog : Why Rare recruits games graduates

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    If you don’t want to start such a debate, you could try a less contentious title.

    It’s frankly industry that has promoted the destructive idea that universities are/should be vocational training institutions.

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